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What is Professional Coaching?


People often are confused about coaching, typically lumping it in with therapy or mentoring. All three are distinct, with their own benefits.

Professional Coaching

Professional Coaches are faciltators, helping you to identify where you are, remove barriers, and get where you want to be.


The focus is on identifying solutions based on what is already working well, uncovering what isn't, and gathering momentum around the positive steps to reach your personal and professional life goals.


A wise friend says, "You work to get people who are stuck, unstuck." This can be done by micro-tweaks or big leaps, but always with the goal to achieve and flourish.


Often a therapist works to understand, heal and mend your perceptions around the past, in order to form a cleaner path for your future. 


Therapy dives deep into experiences, thoughts and feelings, looking at the causes and drivers behind behaviors and actions.


Unlike therapy, coaching does not spend much energy looking at the past or trying to solve psychological problems. Coaching focuses on the future.




Mentors will share their experiences, stories, and ways of handling similar situations. They are often more experienced colleagues who directly understand your company and your role within it. They offer great perspective, but based upon their own experience.


A Professional Coach partners with you, helping to highlight and forge YOUR own best path. A coach is fully invested in exploring what YOU want, how YOU want to lead, what direction YOU want to go.


Jacquie is an excellent coach. She is warm, friendly, and direct; creating a safe space for our sessions and asking great questions. After being coached by Jacquie I am moving confidently forward with my business marketing plan.

— Gary B., Bainbridge Island

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